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The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is here.

We designed a Plan of Restoration and Operations where restoration and operations go hand in hand. In fact, modern mining can’t happen without required environmental mitigation. So, to fully review the project we suggest the reader note that the impacts of mining, as stated in the Executive Summary, should be compared with the extensive voluntary and required mitigation proposals provided by Midas Gold and discussed throughout the DEIS document and in Appendix D.

** We are working to upload sections of the draft. Please check back or view the U.S. Forest Service website if the document you are looking for is not yet available.

Mining Impacts: (Executive Summary, Draft Environmental Impact Statement)

Here you will find the executive summary of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement as prepared by the US Forest Service. The Executive Summary only compares the impacts of mining versus the baseline conditions at site without incorporating the benefits of the required and voluntary mitigation that complete the Stibnite Gold Project.  These are described elsewhere in the DEIS, especially in Appendix D.

Restoration and Mitigation: (Appendix D, Draft Environmental Impact Statement)

Mining projects are required to provide mitigation for many of the environmental impacts they create. Here you will find a summary of the mitigation actions required by the US Forest Service and additional mitigations proposed by Midas Gold to minimize or fully offset project impacts and improve the site over existing conditions. Once the mitigations are settled by the regulators, bonding requirements will be established for the applicable reclamation and mitigation and will need to be in place before construction or mining begins. Appendix D sections include:

Midas Gold’s Preferred Plan: (Alternative 2, Draft Environmental Impact Statement)

The DEIS analyzes five alternatives. Alternative 2 represents the refinements and improvements to the original Plan of Restoration and Operations (Alternative 1 in the DEIS) submitted by Midas Gold to the U.S. Forest Service through the review and analysis. We believe Alternative 2 represents the best opportunity to mitigate impacts, reduce known risks and create a feasible project.

Mitigation Proposal: (Midas Gold Document Submitted to U.S. Forest Service)

Here is the full list of mitigations proposed by Midas Gold to the U.S. Forest Service for the Stibnite Gold Project to ensure the project area is left better than it is today. If approved, all applicable actions described here would become part of the permit requirements and bonded to ensure they are completed.

Mitigation Plans: (Referenced in the DEIS)

Mitigation Briefing Papers: (Midas Gold)

DEIS Sections by Chapter:

The DEIS on the Stibnite Gold Project is prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and is structured as follows:

  • Executive Summary, which summarizes the content of Chapters 1-4, that is the effects of the proposed actions before considering potential mitigation measures.
  • Chapter 1 – Purpose and Need.  Chapter 1 describes the purpose of and need for action related to the SGP and various agencies responsibilities related to the SGP.
  • Chapter 2 – Alternatives.  Chapter 2 summarizes alternatives considered, including the proposed action, for the SGP.
  • Chapter 3 – Affected Environment.  Chapter 3 describes the existing natural and human environment that would potentially be affected by the SGP.
  • Chapter 4 – Environmental Consequences.  Chapter 4 describes the environmental consequences of implementing each of the alternatives described in Chapter 2 before considering potential mitigation measures.
  • Appendix A – Provides a consistency review and amendments required to the Payette and Boise Forest Plans in order to implement the SGP.
  • Appendix B – Provides a Clean Water Act evaluation framework for the SGP.
  • Appendix C – Provides detailed tabulation of the affected areas related to the SGP, before considering potential mitigation measures.
  • Appendix D – Summarizes mitigation measures that could offset or mitigate the environmental consequences detailed in Chapter 4. There are three documents:
  • Appendix E – Summarizes the geological resources and geotechnical hazards information for the SGP.
  • Appendix F – Summarizes the Air Quality and Climate Change considerations related to the SGP.
  • Appendix G – Summarizes Solis and Reclamation Cover Materials.
  • Appendix H – Summarizes Vegetation and Botanical Resources.
  • Appendix I – Summarizes Wetlands and Riparian Resources.
  • Appendix J— Summarizes Fish Resources and Fish Habitat.
  • Appendix K—Summarizes Wildlife.
  • Appendix L—Summarizes Cultural Resources.
  • Appendix M – Summarizes Public Health and Safety.
  • Appendix N – Summarizes Recreation.
  • Appendix O – Summarizes Scenic Resources.

DEIS Sections by Resource:

**As the DEIS notes, Midas Gold’s effective Proposed Action is Alternative 2


Geologic Resources & Geotechnical Hazards

Air Quality

Climate Change

Soils and Reclamation Cover Materials


Hazardous Materials

Surface Water and Groundwater Quantity

Surface Water and Groundwater Quality

Vegetation: General Vegetation Communities, Botanical Resources, and Non-Native Plants

Wetlands and Riparian Resources

Fish Resources and Fish Habitat

Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat
(Including Threatened, Endangered, Proposed, and Sensitive Species)

Timber Resources

Land Use and Land Management

Access and Transportation

Cultural Resources

Public Health and Safety


Scenic Resources

Social and Economic Conditions

Environmental Justice

Special Designations

Tribal Rights and Interests